Last month I went to the UK with some friends and colleagues. We went to a ‘liltle’ place (okay, not if you compare it to Belgium, but let’s not) called Alton Towers in Stoke-On-Trent. This place is mainly known for it’s huge amusement park that has the biggest roller-coaster in the world. In. The. World. Not surprising that that was also the main reason why we went there. (Boys will be boys.)

I really had a blast. Days filled with laughing our asses off, eating, walking and lots of enthusiasm in combination with short nights, resulted in a pretty exhausted me behind my desk that very next Monday. But that’s how you know you had a great weekend, right?! ;-)

As an image says so much more than words can describe, I have made a small picture diary about our über awesome trip to the UK.


IMG_2288The super cozy house we rented out.

2013-08-16 13.03.13Walking around and enjoying the amazing scenery.

2013-08-16 17.15.05The Smiler. The world’s number one roller-coaster with 14 loops at Alton Towers. Only got stuck two times while waiting…

Photo 16-08-13 16 13 44 Say cheese! Or uhm, duckface?!?





IMG_2449But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more.

IMG_2462Amazing view from the top of Warwick Castle.

2013-08-18 09.44.05During every road trip you come across some challenges. Same happened here… (*gps fail*)

IMG_3119 Before we knew it, we were on our way back.