Hi loves. Ready for more African adventures? I hope so, because there’s a lot more to share. Here we go! After our time in Cape Town (read more about it here) , we went back to Jo’burg for another week of interning at Missing Link. Somewhere during that week, Zambia came up. They were describing the place like it was a little piece of heaven on earth. Enough to Google it and check out the images.

We were hooked. Hooked and amazed. We had another week left and when you are so “close” by, you just have to go for it, so we headed out to the nearest hospital (which was super modern by the way, people often think Africa isn’t up to date. But don’t be misttaken) to get a yellow fever shot and started taking Malaria pills. 5 days later, we found ourselves in Zambia. (Look at us being all spontaneous and all ^^).

Not without any trouble though, for a few minutes it looked like they weren’t gonna let us enter the country because the yellow fever shot wasn’t long enough in our system. They left it up to the border security and thankfully, they let us through because we were European and by that a low risk. #phew


Now, I mentioned once to the boyfriend how we needed to bungeejump whenever we would go to Zambia. He didn’t forget, and promise makes guilty.

So off we went to the famous Victoria Falls Bridge which has a spectacular backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls and runs over the Zambezi River. Seeing how the bridge is a connection between the Zimbabwe and Zambia border, we could actually be in two countries at the same time.


Being here also meant jumping off a freaking bridge. 111m down. #WhatWasIThinking #NeverAgain

But back to the jump, it was scary as hell! But at the same time on my bucket list for years. In other words, there was no way back. (Damn you, 14-year-old me for making a bucket list!) A great experience but no way I’m ever gonna do that again!! I think. And like that wasn’t crazy enough, you had to climb your way back via the bridge.

Zambia_bungee_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion 2

Zambia_bungee_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion_cover


One of the most mesmerizing moments during our stay. Johannesburg, the internship, was a time of discovering myself and getting to know many new and amazing people. Knowing that I was more shy at the time being than I am know, it was a little stressful as well. Zambia was beautiful, away from everything and without cell reception. Just the two of us. Some quality time to come to peace with a sunset to wrap things up.

Zambia_livingstone_Zambizie rivir_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion

Zambia_livingstone_Zambizie rivir_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion 2IMG_8038


This moment right here is where my love for hippos came to life. How freakingly cute is this little one?! 



During our time there, we stayed at a place called the Victoria Falls Waterfront in Livingstone which was the most affordable place nearby at the time.

We wanted to go for a mixture between luxereus (as far as possible in the boonies) and adventure. The first 2 nights we stayed in a lodge at the waterfront which had a spectacular view; the last night we headed over to the camping spot and spend the night in little tent. Because the first option was rather expensive while the second one was super cheap, we could experience both and still keep to the budget.

Do keep in mind that, even though it’s hot during the day, temperatures can drop almost below zero at night. And if a certain person *kuch, the boyfriend* doens’t close the tent the way it should, it will get cold inside. Very cold.

_zambia-victoria-falls-waterfront-travel-trip-lovelifelovefashion-6Talking about being in the wilderness. Bye bye wifi… Hello creepy bugs.



The reason we where here of course. The Victoria Falls … one of the 7 World Wonders (not really, but it should!). It’s just breath-taking. The water level was going down when we were there, but there was still plenty to see the waterfall on their best. In combination with the morning sun, you got an overload on rainbows.

P1040078Prepare yourself on getting rained out when crossing certain parts!

Zambia_livingstone_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion 2


Zambia_livingstone_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion 5


Another thing that was on my bucket list for a while was a helicopter flight. The location just asked for it so we took the leap. A once in a life experience!Zambia_helicopter flight_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion_coverZambia_livingstone_Victoria Falls_Botswana_must see_must do_lovelifelovefashion 4

What do you think of this place? Doesn’t it look magical?