After Russia and Lapland, we still had Sweden to tackle. Looking back on it, I’m starting to doubt if we actually spend a lot of time in Finland during those 5 months. ^^ (For those that just landed here, this travel post is part of many trips during my Erasmus adventure in Finland.)

Anyway, back to Stockholm. For only €5,50, the Cruise Liner brought us to destination ‘Beauty on Water’ via the Baltic Sea. €5,50?! Can you imagine that?! The bus ticket to the center of the city (Centre-Katajanokka) was more expensive than that (€6). #TheIrony

We immediately hit town seeing how we only had a day. The weather was amazing (finally some sun!), the company was fun and a mixture of cultures. The architecture in Stockholm amazed us all.








Even though our time to discover this city was limited, I really look back on it with great memories. And no, not only because we could all this for only €12. While snow was still melting in Finland at the time, Stockholm was already blooming and all sunny. The first spring day we experienced after many many cold and snowy days. Nothing better to make a day perfect than sunshine on your face.

And if I’m being honest, the city was maybe even more beautiful than Helsinki was. But maybe the fine weather influenced my opinion on that. We’ll have to go back one day to make sure.