It’s that time of the year again when the boyfriend and myself start thinking about our yearly trip. It has been two years now since our last big trip which was to South Africa, and as we’re planning the next one, I was getting a bit nostalgic and started watching some pics.

We went there for an internship, sight seeing and traveling around. I didn’t have my blog yet at the time, but hey, nothing stops me from sharing ‘some’ pics about it now. Right? Hold on peeps!


Our adventure started off in Johannesburg. Simply because that’s where the company is located where we were gonna do our internship. The original plan was to do this in my final year at collage. But because of the different time zone and it being in our summer break (caused by our Erasmus adventure), it was too complicated to make it happen according the teachers.

Moving on to plan B: make it happen on our own.

So we made plans with the company Missing Link, picked a date and booked our flight tickets. Before, in-between and after our internship we also did some traveling and activities of course. Let’s go over some of those.


Unlike the name suggests, the park does have a lot more to offer than only lions. The Lion Park is a perfect way to see some wild animals from up close. And with up close, I really mean up close. You can drive through a large area (with your windows closed that is) to see tons of beautiful animals. What you can also do is “play” a little with little lion cubs. I’ll never forget how one of them was playing with my sleeve. It wouldn’t let go and it was covered with drewl. Funny yet a little scary at the time.

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Lion Park_animals_lions_giraffe_lovelifelovefashion 2Laughing our ass off with Gilbert the giraffe (at least that’s how we called him). Did you know they have a blue tongue by the way?!

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Lion Park_animals_lions_culps_lovelifelovefashionMeeting lion cubs (a.k.a little lions who can’t rip me apart in 1 second and eat me — I think) from up close. Crazy, right!? You would almost forget that these are wild creatures.

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Zebra_animals_must see_lovelifelovefashion 3I love this shot I took from these zebras!

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Lion Park_animals_lions_giraffe_must see_lovelifelovefashionBe warned: giraffes drewl! A lot!

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Lion Park_animals_lions_giraffe_lovelifelovefashion 4

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_Lion Park_animals_lions_giraffe_lovelifelovefashion 3Pardon me, coming trough. I couldn’t believe the size of the lion on the left! The furry little one on the right was less scary.


During our internship we got to know a lot of people. Local people. And they brought us to Neighbourgoods Market. Oohh the joy. We could try dishes from all over the world. (And believe me, we did.) Of course we also needed to evaluate the Belgian ‘poffertjes’. Conclusion, they weren’t bad. Not bad at all. And even though I don’t drink alcohol (I don’t really like how it tastes), my boyfriend bought a Mojito over there and damn, it was da bomb!

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_locals_must see_foodmarket_friends_lovelifelovefashion 2South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_locals_must see_foodmarket_friends_lovelifelovefashion


Rooftop bar was where they had those amazing mojitos!

South Africa_Capetown_Johannesburg_Joburg_locals_must see_foodmarket_lovelifelovefashionI’m not 100% sure but I got the impression we were the only tourists there. Which was pretty awesome of course. And not unimportant, we fell completely save. Although you do notice that locals are just more alert in general when walking around. Thanks guys for bringing us here. (Best mojito ever!)


Before I forget, this was the office of Missing Link. The most awesome company ever! It’s filled with creative and brilliant people who just love to think outside the box. It really changed my way of thinking. And even now I’m still using some knowledge I gathered there. #amazeballs

And look at that office! They have a slide, a tattoo parlor, a tree-house which is the office of the big boss, and the lady toilets were filled with brand new sex toys you could take if you wanted. Like I said, not an everyday company.



Next stop: Capetown. We followed the entire coast by car passing Boulders Beach (penguinsss!), Simons Town, Lions head, Table Mountain and much much more. To eventually stop at Cape Point, the most south western corner of the continent. Definitely visit this place if you ever can. It’s breath-taking! (Google that shit!)


South Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_coast_beach_lovelifelovefashion 3


CAPE POINTSouth Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_coast_beach_lovelifelovefashion 5

South Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_coast_beach_lovelifelovefashion 4

South Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_lovelifelovefashion


South Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_lovelifelovefashion 2


BOULDERS BEACHSouth Africa_Capetown_Cape Point_travel_coast_Nature_must see_coast_beach_penguins_lovelifelovefashion 3