Hi babes, sorry for the very late New York post. Being sick got the better of me so I’ve been out of the game for a while. Anyway, I’m (almost) back, so let’s dive in!

First things first. If you plan to visit New York only briefly, I can really recommend that you search a hotel in the centre of The Big Apple. It’ll save you lots of commute time if you just need to walk outside and be in the middle of it all. Plus, the extra travel time which you would otherwise spend to get to Manhattan, can now be spent to some extra discovering, shopping or uuhm… getting lost. Either way, more fun things to do than sitting on a subway. (Although, you just have to experience the subway at least once!)

The hotel we stayed at (Hotel Metro) is a beautiful 20’s vibe hotel within a stone’s throw of Macy’s, The Empire State Building and Times Square. It’s literally located in the shadow of the Empire State Building, giving you an awesome view from their rooftop terrace. We had a lovely room, kinda luxurious (or at least to me) and the Belgian chocolates where a very nice touch to welcome us with. We were ready for New York!


This was our base to start our adventure from. Because of our rather short stay, we planned it very well. You kinda need to in a big city like New York if you want to see or experience what it has to offer. But always leave room for spontaneous events or simply to get dragged along wherever the moment takes you. Sometimes it’s fun to get lost.

Day 1

Our first day started with some wandering  around the hotel. Herald Square, The Flat Iron building, Grand Central Station, Times Square… We started our trip with a bang and were thrown in the New York vibes right away. They way it should! ^^



From all that exploring of course, a person can get a rumbling stomach. And if we get a rumbling stomach, we eat. Right away. #NoHangryPeopleAllowed

Because we like yummy food (that doesn’t cost a fortune) we headed over to La Pizza Fresca at 20th Street — close by Unions Square. Think: an authentic award-winning wood-fired brick oven Neapolitan pizza and one of the top Italian wine lists in the USA. All wrapped in a cozy scenery.

We originally discovered this restaurant during our last visit and indeed, their pizza is something le boyfriend keeps nagging about ever since. Best of all, it’s affordable. Yes, you can start drooling now. ^^


La Pizza Fresca, 31 East 20th Street between Park Ave. So. & Broadway.

Day 2

Day 2 started with a huge walk all the way downtown. Washington Square Park, SoHo, TriBeCa… all the way down to the World Trade Center Site (formerly known as “Ground Zero”). We’ve visited this beautiful memorial place last time too. But still, it’s a strange feeling remembering what happened here and knowing that at the exact same spot, the Twin Towers once scraped the sky. Today, it truly pays tribute to the men and women lost on September 11 in an extraordinary way.

NewYork-Freedom-Tower-One-World-Observatory-SoHo-Times-Square-Herald-Square-grand-central-station-neckermann-review-newyork-trip-tips-to-do-short-citytrip-the-big-apple-hotel-lovelifelovefashionI-love-NewYork-SoHo-washington-square-park-Times-Square-Herald-Square-grand-central-station-neckermann-review-newyork-trip-tips-to-do-short-citytrip-the-big-apple-hotel-lovelifelovefashion-2 I-love-NewYork-washington-square-park-Times-Square-Herald-Square-grand-central-station-neckermann-review-newyork-trip-tips-to-do-short-citytrip-the-big-apple-hotel-lovelifelovefashion

What we didn’t end-up doing last time was to visit the One World Observatory deck. Simply because it was opening weekend that time and the queue was endless. This time, we got in in about 5 minutes on a Friday morning. #score

One word to describe this experience: Extraordinary.

I choked up a little and was stunned by both the video testimonials of the people who helped build the Freedom Tower but also because of the view. It truly makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. (bucket list: -1!)





After this must-do, we continued our walk back uptown passing Chinatown and Little Italy for our stop at Jack’s Wife Freda. 

This busy restaurant mainly uses basic and fresh ingredients and combines them in an ingenious way with some popular superfoods. The boyfriend went for the Breakfast Bowl which was recommended by a fanatical New Yorker: scrambled eggs, red quinoa, kale, spaghetti squash, grilled tomato and avocado. I went for the special of the day: the Hot Grain Bowl: red and white quinoa, almond and coconut milk, cinnamon, cardamom and a topping of pistachio and fresh berries. Mmm.


From one foodspot we went on to another. (Starting to see a trend here…) We continued towards The Hudson river and walked alongside the water for a while. All the way through Greenwich village and eventually towards Chelsea Market. This old fabric where they used to make Oreo cookies (!!!) is nowadays transformed into a trendy market place. Spices, chocolate, wine, and a fish market that beats even your wildest dreams. Expect many #foodporn moments when you go there. Plus, it’s a perfect spot to warm up a little and try out those famous Lobster Sandwiches or to even have some delicious sushi. #winwin

chelsea-market-the-high-line-lobster-sandwiche-sushi-newyork-mustvisit-manhatten-foodspot-lovelifelovefashionAfter Chelsea Market our walk brought us back to midtown Manhattan to do some shopping at Macy’s and Times Square. Or should I say, window shopping. ^^ Even though I spotted many pretty items, that little voice at the back of my head was holding me back. First priority for now is our new home and getting everything in order.


At the end of the day, our feet were sore, our body was cold but our tummy was satisfied. Especially, after our quick Dunkin’ Donuts ice cream stop. #dontjudge

That’s it for now sweeties. More about this trip will follow soon. Together with a short but fun movie I hope you like as much as we do!

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This trip was in collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.