Morning sweeties. I hope everyone is doing great! As promised, let’s jump back onto memory lane for more NYC adventures, must-do’s and tips. Crazy how long it already seems since we were there. But don’t we all have that feeling when we’re … well, not on holiday. ;)


Day 3 started very early. Jetlag and all… After snoozing for over an hour, we decided it was really time to get up and seize the day. Starting with a quality time walk through Central Park before the traffic rush started.

Nothing is cooler than to witness New York getting up on a Saturday Morning…

(Except for Woops cookies. But more on that later.)

Because our hotel was only about 20 blocks away, walking seemed the most natural choice. You always see more if you just walk around. And boy did we! Not only did we bump into one of the many Magnolia bakeries (hello, unexpected and delicious-lookin’ brownie!), we also witnessed a wedding proposal at the famous LOVE letters and spotted the typical white smoke coming out of one of the many potholes. All that and our day was only starting.



Once we arrived at Central Park, we realized we would be covering more ground by having a bike carriage taking us to some highlights. Another good tip if you’re on the clock. Because Central Park is huge! And it’s quite easy to get lost.

Last time we rented some bikes ourselves. This time, we went for a slightly different option: the guided rickshaw/tuktuk tour. The lazy option some might say. ^^ Little tip: never go for their first offer. Nor the second. The first prices they propose will be ridiculously high, so bring your best bargaining skills to get a good deal. Or ask to make a few extra stops where you can get some time to stretch your legs and take some pictures. If they refuse, walk away. There are plenty of other transport/bike options.


new-york-nyc-neckermann-ambassadeur-trip-wanderlust-central-park-the-big-apple-midtown-the-green-long-love-lovelifelovefashion-3 new-york-nyc-neckermann-ambassadeur-trip-wanderlust-central-park-the-big-apple-midtown-the-green-long-love-lovelifelovefashionBy the time we were back at the edge of Central Park, it was time for food. #HELLYEAH

We took the subway all the way downtown again (what can I say, all the best foodspots seem to be downtown), and had a delicious brunch at Two hands NYC.

Heaven on earth for avid foodies.

Especially for those who prefer to keep it delicious and healthy. (Who doesn’t?) This charming place which had that vivid downtown vibe, can be found at Mott Street. The atmosphere is typically New York: cozy busy, very much alive and with all those yummy dishes on the menu, you get the instant feeling that you landed in one of the many Sex and The City brunch scenes.

Small but important detail: the food itself is really delicious! The flavors are perfect, the presentation is top-notch and the quality of ingredients is high. And all that at an affordable price. A must-try for all healthy #foodporn lovers among us.


Before I forget: The boyfriend went for the corn fritters (some kind corn-based burger) on a bed of spinach with avocado, sunny side up, sour beet & chilli. I myself ended up going for the Verona sandwich. Fresh tomato, avocado, spinach, mozzarella and fresh basil pesto on whole grain bread. Add an All The Way smoothie to that plus a baby kale salad, radish and apple cider vinegar, and you’ll have yourself one heck of impressive plate. No?!

After lunch we headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge. Last time we were in NYC we conquered it by bike. This time by foot. Both times were exhausting but so worth it. The view on the skyline is awesome and the bridge itself pretty impressive.


Afterwards we walked back up. Strolling down different streets, finding ourselves back in SoHo for a while, finding ourselves lost for a little, finding a little pile of — what I believe was the last bit of snow — and best of all: finding this adorable little bakery called Woops. Damn, now that I need to write it all down it’s pretty confronting. It’s like all we did was eat. #woops (haha, get it ^^)

No, but seriously. BEST. COOKIE. EVER! Damn!

An American cookie with walnuts and chunky pieces of chocolate. Crispy on the outside, creamy inside. Major yum! I will think yearn for this delicious little piece of heaven very often.



In between Woops and dinner we kinda lost track of time. We did a few shops and mainly just walked around  to discover as much as possible. We didn’t stop walking until we passed by this Italian place called Barilla.


It seemed so cozy that we both felt the urge to just go in. Okay, the fact that we were both pretty tired might’ve had something to do with that too… but anyway. The place looked good. It was clearly still too early to experience the usual crowd, but hey: food = faster. I’m not complaining.

I was served with this nice Orecchiette Pugliesi dish (broccoli, sausage and pecorino cheese with chili flavor). The boyfriend opted for the Linguine Vesuvio (calamari, prawns, chili and tomato). Great food at very reasonable prices (about 15 euro pp). We (and our belly) were satisfied. A great way to end our very early and adventurous day.

The extra cool thing about this restaurant is that you can find all their dishes and recipes on their website. Allowing you to easily recreate your chosen dish at home. Cool!

Day 4

Our 4th day was unfortunately also our final day. The cold of the past few days made way for nice warm temperatures, making New York ready for its first day of Spring.

Seeing how it was also a Sunday, starting with pancakes seemed appropriate. #boom!

And if it’s pancakes you want, you need to try Clinton Street Baking Co. Their famous blueberry pancakes –which have won quite a few prices already — is a very popular guilty pleasure among the locals. A must-do foodspot!

If you’re not a pancake person (who are we kidding), don’t worry. There is more to this American-vibe-dinner spot. For example, you can also find dishes like brioche French toast, Market Fish Tacos, Crispy Potato Pancakes, Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich and much much more. I’m sure you’ll find something.



But to answer the big question: how were the pancakes? Were they nice?! You betya! Although I must admit that the topping wasn’t completely my cup of tea. But that’s just my opinion. The boyfriend on the other hand couldn’t get enough of that sweet blueberry taste with caramel. The pancakes themselves however were divine. Next time, I’ll go for the same pancakes but with a banana and chocolate topping. Mmmm.

Now, I wish I could tell you guys taht we were crazy motivated to walk off that big pile of calories. But we weren’t. We did walk all the way back to Rockefeller Centre to see the famous ice skating track. Afterwords we continued towards Central Park … to sit in the Sun on our lazy bum. Awesome how Central Park — which was so quiet and deserted the day before — was now so vibrant and full of life. A perfect way to spend our last couple of hours before we had to head back to the hotel to start our journey back home.



NYC in 90 seconds | The Movie

New York City in 90 seconds from Aurélie Van Houte on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoyed this diary-kinda post. And the movie! I for one liked digging up those awesome feelings this city gives me every single time. Now, I would love to hear who’s planning a trip to New York this year and what your number 1 thing to-do is. ^^

Missed part I? Go check it out for more yummy foodspots, must-sees and overall pics. Like the book A NYC trip yourself? Go check this out and make it happen!

This trip was in collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.