Hi sweeties, the boyfriend and I are wandering around on the airport as we speak — eeek! Ready to hop over the clouds, to be dropped landed in New York City. Fingers crossed that our flight will
leave on time. With the air traffic that was completely shut down yesterday, I’m about to have a little nervous break down over here.

Anyway, positive thinking. I’ve missed this city so much so I don’t need to tell you how excited I am for this trip! Not only because it’s freakin New York (again: eeek!), but also because we’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday there on top of it all. Me – Birthday – New York – Boyfriend. Oh I just love to hear those little words in one sentence.

Keep calm New York, I’m coming for you!

Now before I use the words New York fifty times in 1 post … see you back the 5th of June! Until that time, keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook page to enjoy the journey with us.