I’m always surprised to see how quickly regular life takes over when you’re back from a holiday. Before you’ve unpacked, you’re back at work, facing life’s problems and challenges. But if it wasn’t for these kind of regular days, you most likely wouldn’t really appreciate a holiday anymore either. And if there is something you just need to do, it’s to appreciate everything. Small and big. (And also medium things. They can be nice too.)

And that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed our quality time together and enjoyed the sun on our face. We enjoyed the time we had to actually catch up on some reading, being one with our thoughts, and of course, enjoying each and every dish that disappeared into our belly.

But I’m getting ahead of things. Allow me to start at the beginning. *Pushing rewind button*


Majorca – you know – that Island somewhere beneath Barcelona and part of Spain, is one of the few places I’ve ever been to that is actually smaller than Belgium. It’s one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and mainly known for its tons of small harbors, sheltered coves and limestone mountains.

Some regions are really packed with (other) tourists. Luckily it was still early season so we didn’t get run over by likeminded people wanting some time off. Or maybe we only had that impression by the location of our hotel.

We stayed at the Sunprime MonSuau**** in Cala d’Or — a region that’s pretty touristy. However, the location of our hotel was top notch! About 400m away from where everything was happening, allowing us the enjoy the peace and quiet of the area while still being super close to shops, bars and tons of great restaurants. (There were even bars with bouncy castles and carting options.)

Interesting to know is that Sunprime is a hotelconcept from the Thomas Cook group which targets adults only. So if you’re looking for some piece and quiet or long for some romantic time for just the two of you, this is the place to go to. They have similar hotels all over the mediterranean.


The hotel itself by the way was probably one of the prettiest ones we’ve ever stayed at. A nice interior with lots of white elements and tons of glass, a cozy bar, an amazing rooftop bar and a restaurant to say ‘god damn!’ to. I also loved the fact that they really try their best to think and act green. LED lights everywhere. Towels got washed whenever you wanted, same with the bed sheets. But they did point out that bed sheets don’t need to be changed everyday as this isn’t something people do at home either. They also installed showers (big-ass showers if I might add) in all the rooms instead of a bath to reduce water use. Seeing how there is often a water shortage on the island: not a bad call. And the air conditioning automatically stopped if you opened the balcony door. Made total sense if you ask me.

Now, more about the food. Our stay included breakfast and dinner, both in buffet form. And unlike most buffets, there weren’t 101 options. You did have plenty of choice and from the first to the last thing, it all tasted wonderful. One downside I can think of is that still water wasn’t free during the day or during evening dinner. It was during breakfast though. With those hot temperatures… well let’s say that water ended up taking up the biggest chunk of our check-out bill. ^^

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-21Around lunchtime you could simply lift up your bum and move it from the pool to the outdoor bar to order something from the menu. And let me tell you: We had some nice foodporn-heaven moments.


Of course we did more than eating at the hotel, we also did a proper amount of siestas and had tons of exercise from trying to reach those hard-to-get places with sunscreen. To cool down, we had playing sessions in the pool or beach, while we watched people participating in water aerobics (I swear, just watching made me all sweaty). After that, the sunscreen + stretching part happened again, more pages were turned on the Kindle/book and chillaxing took place.

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-cover majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-24majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-30At night, we got into something comfortable (read: food-baby proof) to have a proper 3-course dinner. And as if that wasn’t enough, there was always the rooftop bar where we could hang out, have some drinks and witness a beautiful sunset.

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-13 majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-7majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-1Okay, I admit. It does sound like we did a whole lot of nothing. Which is true, for a couple of days. After getting ourselves completely detached from work, our apartment project, my soon-to-be new job (that’s right!) and the fact that we’re currently staying at my parents’ place for over 2 months and still have 4 of them to go :p), it was time for some action. Some actual discovering: we rented a car. Ready to hit some wonders that Majorca offers. But more about that in part II. ^^

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-5Talk soon! x (or read part II here.)

This trip was in collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.