After having detached ourselves from work, our apartment project and the fact that we have currently been staying at my parents’ place for over 2 months now, and still have 4 of them to go (oh boy :p), it was time for some action. Some actual discovering: Road trip here we come. Ready to explore and experience some of the island’s hotspots? Here we go!majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-a

Foodstop @ Calla Ferrera 

We started our mini road trip from Cala d’Or. But not without having decent lunch. We stopped at this place called Calla Ferrera (inspired on the name of the beach nearby) to have a portion of yummylicious tapas. Say hello to some spicy patatas bravas, melon with ham, shrimps marinated in garlic and salt-roasted + vongole which the boyfriend adores. We could’ve easily stayed here for a couple of hours. Just eating and talking. And more eating. ^^majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-bmajorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-c

La Palma

Our batteries were completely charged up after our lunch, all-ready to hit the road. Ready to discover a little more about the island while driving towards La Palma, the capital city of Mallorca.

On our way to this final destination, we stopped by some small authentic towns to walk through the little streets and alleys to get a glimpse of the Spanish vibes and the overall atmosphere. Most of these towns are small and mainly populated by locals, so besides the authentic architecture, the smell of homemade Spanish food, the occasionally statue you come across or a cute stranded dog or cat, there’s not always that much to see compared to bigger cities. Especially not around siesta time! But we do like to check out places like these too. They’re just as much part of a place and country than the typical touristy places.

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-dOnce we entered La Palma, one of the first things we saw was the massive Santa María cathedral. It’s pretty hard to miss though. After circling back and forth looking for a place where we could stop, we eventually parked the car a little outside of the center to then start walking towards the middle of it via a huge boulevard, located right next to the sea. Can you imagine what it must be like as a resident, to have the beach right next to in the city center. Must be cool.majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-emajorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-fmajorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-gWe wandered off, got a little lost in this city, had something to drink, ate ice cream (duuh) and then, when it really started to get crowded (I think there was a color run/wet t-shirt party about to start), we decided to hit the road again. After a couple of more stops in small towns and little bays we headed back to the hotel.

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-hOn day two of our road trip adventure, we wanted to go all the way up to Cape Formentor, the most Northern point of the island. To get there, we first passed by some sheltered coves and quiet bays such as Cala Ferrera and Cala Murada.

Pleasing to the eye and a reminder of how beautiful the world can be…majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-i

Caves of Drach

Now, you can’t go to Mallorca and not check out the Cuevas Del Drach (Caves of Drach). They are located on the east coast in the town of Porto Cristo and are pretty massive! They have a horizontal scope of somewhere around 1200m and a maximum depth of 25m below ground level. On top of that, there is this large underground lake where you can also get to take a short boat ride under the stalagmites and stalactites. Impressive to see — although I often feared an earthquake. I wouldn’t wanna be there during on earthquake. No sir, no.majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-j

Port de Pollença and Cape Formentor

After our eyes adjusted back to the daylight, we drove a little through the middleland to get to Port de Pollença and eventually all the way up zigzagging our way to Cape Formentor. Good thing we have a strong stomach. #NotForPussys

We tried to imprint the views we saw as much as possible. But like always, that’s a hard thing to do. Easier is to hold on to that feeling you experience right there in the moment. For me it was a feeling of complete happiness. The feeling like I was on top of the world with my most favorite person, completely careless and free. (Taking one heck of a selfie. ^^)

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-k majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-lmajorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-mmajorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-nFoodstop @ Treff 

On our way back we had a food stop at a bio and vegetarian restaurant called Treff. One of the few (great) vegetarian places in the area. We wanted the whole experience so we ordered different tapas including some almond and carrot croquettes, salted/grilled peppers, tofu with grilled vegetables, a small side dish of pasta Bolognese and a spicy (also veggie) burger. The food was awesome! Fingerlickin’ good, actually. And the fact that it was all bio and made with love, made it even better.

We actually ended up having a little chat with the current owner and found out that his grandfather bought the place a long time ago for the current owner’s mother, who in turn gave it to him. About 3 years ago, he turned their classic junkfood diner into a veggie and bio restaurant. Bold move seeing how he lost a lot of customers at first. But as a vegan himself, he really wanted to come with something new in the area and something that fits his personality. Mission accomplished, dude! It’s even a great place to try out if you’re not a vegetarian. Trust me.

majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-oHello deserted beach

After dinner (and because it wasn’t that late yet) we decided to go back to Cala Ferrara – one of the beaches we came across in the beginning of our route. Hoping there would be fewer people by now. And while there were indeed way less people, it was still crowded and lots a kids were conquering the beach.

So we started to go further by foot. Through some trees and shrubs, climbing up rocks and taking curves, in the hope to end up at one of these big rocks with a swimming deck to be able to dive into the sea. Sadly, we didn’t found a pathway towards one of those. But what we did find was this little abandoned and enclosed beach with only 5 other people. That’s right! Private beach! (Almost.) We stayed there until it was just the two of us. Sitting on the beach, playing in the water, making a sand sculpture and yes, the boyfriend even did the typical Russian stranded mermaid move. Especially and only for me. You know what I’m talking about. ^^ It was pretty hilarious to say the least! An awesome way to end our awesome day with.majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-q majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-r majorca-spain-neckermann-blogger-travel-trip-wanderlust-neckermannblogger-neckermannambassadeur-to-do-tips-cala-dor-island-ocean-view-lovelifelovefashion-sNow,  because sometimes words can’t describe an experience as good as pictures or a movie, we again made a movie from our trip. Enjoy, dream and look forward to your next holiday! #lovelife

Mallorca in 90 Seconds | The Movie

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This trip was in collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.