Hi, babes! Some of you might’ve seen a couple of pictures from our trip to London via Facebook or Instagram already. Time to share a little more about it don’t you think? Two days of quality time was exactly what we needed between our busy weeks and all the interior changes (more updates on that will follow soon by the way). It was a perfect getaway to charge up our batteries and completely relax.

After a 2-hour drive by train, we arrived in this very much alive city. I’m always amazed about how the vibe in London is so different while it’s actually pretty close to Belgium. And the people, aah the people are so friendly! Friendly people always put a smile on your face, don’t they?


We immediately headed out to Facebook as it was only one stop away from the train station. Because a friend of my boyfriend works there now, we got the opportunity to get a tour. Think: pool tables, climbing walls, video game heaven, playing rock star… Only a couple of the things you can do at the office when you feel like having a break. And don’t get me started on all the food you can get. For free. Give me 2 months and you could probably roll me all the way to The London Eye. I’m also pretty sure I would even float if you throw me in the Thames.

Anyway, all I could think the entire time was ‘this is freaking awesome – this is freaking awesome’. Because seriously, it simply was freakin’ awesome.






After Facebook we headed for Leicester Square. I actually wanted to see this at night but seeing how we already had plans for our evening, we had to drop that idea. On the way to it, we took a little detour when we spotted a Chinatown sign. We found ourselves in the center in no time where they were prepping for Chinese New Year.

From Leicester Square, we went to the National Gallery to get a glimpse of the building and Trafalgar Square. These are all pretty close to each other so perfect when you don’t have that much time.






After our walk, we decided it was time for a break. We went straight to London’s West End where you can find Covent Garden (only a short walk) to have a bite in one of the many restaurants and bars. When I spotted Le Pain Quotidien, we both thought ‘cheesecake’ and spontaneously walked towards it. But to be honest, the Belgian cheesecake from the Le Pain Quotidien is so much better! So you might wanna try something else if you’re in love with the Belgian Cheesecake.

Coven Garden is by the way also great to do some shopping. Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown… Perfect for those who wanna do both some shopping and enjoy long breaks with yummy food.



At night, when our feet were already feeling sore and a blister or two had developed, we were getting ready for some London action. We went to a concert of a South African band and tasted a little of the London party scene. The music was… well listen and decide for yourself ;)

Once back at our room, we immediately hit the sack *imagine a London accent here*. To wake up, 8 hours later. Realizing we were still in this great city, talk about an instant energy boost. Unlike my feet, we were ready for day 2. To be continued…