Never ever did I expect to fall in love with Ibiza.But I did.We did.We had planned a short trip to this rather small island a few weeks ago, as we came across a pretty cheap deal to stay their for a week.After party season, prices drop like crazy, and the peace and quiet returns back to the island.Time for us to scoop in!^^Ok given, it was one heck of a ride to get there.I’m not going to go too much into details but imagine: flight cancellation the night before, rebookings (unfortunately with 1 stop instead of direct), flight delays, missing our connection flight, stranding in Barcelona, loosing our baggage, standing in line for hours, starving :p … Anyway.

10 hours later than planned, we eventually arrived.Late at night.In the dark.But no way we were gonna let this bumpy ride stand in the way of enjoying our quality time week.It felt like soooo long since we had a holiday planned with just the two of us and going with the flow.The day after, we started the day slow.After being up for only 2 hours, we did our first little siesta.What can I say, we were still pretty exhausted.Siesta it was!After that, we hit the road with our little white Seat Ibiza rental car and had plenty of stops over the week.P1000112P1000404P1000424 P1000117 P1000133 P1000176


We went to so many restaurants and cute little cafés that I probably forgot a few names already.But here are the ones that really stood out, my personal top 3 restaurants let’s say are:

n° 3 | La Paloma

Close to Cami de Balafia in San Lorenzo you can find La Paloma.With its beautiful terrace filled with authentic adorable tables, those lights and flowers… It was like we arrived at someone’s wedding party.The food itself was great but a little overpriced in my opinion — it’s partially the (beautiful) scenery you buy.The boyfriend disagrees but maybe that’s because my main dish didn’t life up to my expectations after getting a great starter, and his did.Anyway, conclusion: We should go back to give it a second chance.^^ The images you usually find online don’t do this place enough justice.


n°2 | Can Bass

It’s pretty funny actually, but this one, we discovered by accident.We were driving late at night somewhere in Carretera de Ibiza a san José.Pretty much in the middle of nowhere we saw an entire domain taken over by lightbulbs.

Hundreds of lightbulbs.It was surrounded by traditional bricks (I think, it was pretty dark and we saw it in a quick drive-by).But like I said, hundreds of lightbulbs.That and a big sign with their name on it.Even though we still had 40 minutes to drive, from the moment we got back in our room, we googled that sh*t and knew we had to go check it out.We eventually went there on our last night.And this place… just wow!The interior is to die for and the food… the food.Damn, Just shoot me know!We had no phone or camera with us but just check out their Instagram profile and you’ll get why we loved it so much. When we were there we also learned to know that the restaurant is pretty new.They’ve just had their second summer and during high season it’s apparently jam-packed by people.We went the second week of October and even though there were still plenty of people, the place is so large that you would sometimes forget the others.

n°1 | The Giri Café

In Suan Jan you can find this café that is much more than a café.It’s a place were you can enjoy the Ibiza vibes in the intimate garden, a place were you can nip your cocktail and talk for hours, a place were you can enjoy the most awesome food ever.I colleague of mine said I just needed to go there.And seeing how she is also kinda my boss, who am I to disobey.^^ And good thing I listened, because without a doubt, The Giri Café deserves to be my number one!Even though we were a little too late for lunch and way too early for dinner; we could order “snacks”.Now if you say snacks, you often don’t expect to experience a little party in your mouth.Nothing was less true.So next time we’ll be back!!Twice!Once to try their lunch menu and once to try their dinner menu!^^P1000368 P1000371 P1000374 P1000375

Ibiza Town

A stop to Ibiza town just needs to be on your planning.This vivid place is so great to spent a day.Shopping is hard to resist seeing how they got so many small boutiques, high-end fashion stores, and shoe shops.But their is much more to do.Drinking cocktails, visiting the harbour, enjoying some ice cream and of course visiting the pretty Old Town.In Summer it’s apparently also great for celebrity spotting.If you’re into that kind of thing, you know were to go next summer.^^P1000260 P1000261 P1000280 P1000308 P1000345P1000476 P1000364We lunched at S’Escalinata by the way (pic below).

It didn’t made my top 3 but if I would make a top 4, this would be the next one in line.The concept is easy, just find a seat on the big stairwell in front of the building and enjoy the city life that happens around you.P1000439 P1000450 P1000464

Hippie Market

For real.They’ve got a hippie market.Every Wednesday you can enjoy these relaxed hippy vibes at Santa Eulalia while discovering handcrafted items, jewelry or clothes.Don’t not do it because you’re not into shopping.Because this market is so much more than that.P1000055 P1000057

Cala ‘d Hort

Ibiza has many amazing beaches.So I’m not going into that for now.But what you definitely need to write down on your to do list is to go to Cala ‘d Hort in the evening to witness a beautiful sunset.Trust me, just do it.And if you’re as lucky as we are, a little VW mini van will drive as close a possible at the viewing point and the people in it will play their guitar while sitting on top of the van!P1000539 P1000550In my next post I’ll talk about Formentera.A little island close to Ibiza which you can visit by boat.But for now, we got some planning to do (2018 wedding coming up and a big adventure of backpacking Thailand.Buzy times!^^)Oh before I forget, being habit creatures: here’s our 90s movie of the trip.