It feels like forever since we went on our gastronomic welness weekend in the Ardennes! Phew, with all the work going on in our new home, I would love to go back in a heartbeat. A few days of absolutely doing nothing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, sounds like a welcoming break from painting, laying floors and installing all kinds of things. ^^

Hello foodporn

For those who missed it on my social media (shame on you), a few weeks back, the boyfriend and I enjoyed a lovely long weekend at Hotel Château des Thermes. Our number one priority and the entire reason of this trip: try all the delicious food they had in store for us! That’s right, hello foodporn weekend. Multiple little plates artworks passed the revue and disappeared into our bellies. #ComeIntoMyBelly


Hot and cold!

The food, the saunas, hammams, jacuzzis and much much more the hotel had the offer, intrigued us. We’re not really the wellness kind-of-people… I often struggle with doing nothing. But hey, if it’s included… why not give it a shot. Outside pool and jacuzzi? Check! Chill lounge? Check! Switching between hot and cold? Check!

The first hours felt a little weird and uncomfortable. We were — after all — far away from our comfort zone. But after a few hours we started to feel reborn and we actually enjoyed the hot saunas, the cold cabins and the steamy hot hammams. Doing nothing actually started to feel pretty great.

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Conclusion: enjoying quality time in a thermes with delicious food and with the person you love… not a bad way to spend a weekend right. ^^ Especially if your outfit of the weekend are white slippers and a white robe. #ComfyModeON

This trip was in collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.