Whoever said women can’t keep secrets: let me tell you a little secret … no, wait … argh, dammit! You tricked me. We really can keep secrets — we do! Anyway, my little secret for the past 6 months concerns one of the most joyful emails I’ve received in my inbox in quite a while. I had the pleasure of getting a message from Neckermann, a major travel agency here in Belgium and the Netherlands, informing me that they were browsing around looking for ambassadors.

More precisely: bloggers who love nothing more than to discover new places all over the world, and who like to share their personal travel stories and experiences. Straight away, there was a little voice in my head that started yelling: “Go Baby, Go Baby, Go-O-o, Don’t Upset the Rhythm”. It’s truly my biggest dream to see the entire world you know… Visiting both popular places as well as those few hidden gems that are still left. (Trust me, they’re still out there.) Needless to say I was hooked like a fish.

Long story short: After having gone through a selection round and hearing that I was one of the few lucky bastards, well, let’s just say I was like a kid on Christmas morning while high on a pound of sugar. So, 6 months later I can officially and finally share this little secret:

I became one of this year’s Neckermann ambassadors!! #whoopwhoop #truestory


What can you expect?

I’ll dive in and reach for the stars. Quality time, experiencing local food, discovering hotspots and must-sees are my favorite ways to spend any holiday. Content will be (as always) written by me and me alone. My objective thoughts. My tips. My must-sees. My pictures. In other words, nothing will really change except for the fact that Neckermann will put my bum on a plane/train or car a couple of times this year, and as always I’ll be sharing my honest feedback.

Oh, and I’ll limit the amount of #HotdogsOrLegs pics, promise!

First trip on the agenda?

Our first trip will take us to Cala d’Or, Majorca in Spain. I’ve only been to Spain once so far (more about my previous adventure in Spain can be found here) and I can’t wait to discover more of this beautiful country next June!

Bring on those tapas dishes! #yum

If I quickly google Cala d’Or, I see heaps of landscape pictures with jagged rock formations and tons of little bays with sandy beaches. I can’t wait to feel the Sun on my face. Can’t wait to walk push each other in the water. And I’m really looking forward to enjoying some mouth-watering tapas, with an awesome view in the background. It will be the perfect get-away from our Home-To-Be project for a short while. ^^ Let the countdown begin! Bring on the adventure!

Dennis_F-spanje-spain-Cala-d’Or-mallorca-travel-price-neckermann-lovelifelovefashion 2Picture Cala d’Or, Spain by Dennis_F.

Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.
— Dalai Lama

Do you already know where you’re next holiday will take you? What would be your perfect next destination? In case you need some inspiration, these are the Belgian Top 10 destinations of 2016:

  1. Andorra
  2. Cuba
  3. Macedonia
  4. Portugal
  5. Canary Islands
  6. Indonesia
  7. Dominican Republic (my experiences here and here)
  8. Canada
  9. Tanzania
  10. Costa Rica