Some of you might’ve spotted it already on my social media channels, but I needed to like really write it down to realize it’s happening! We. Are. Going. To. New. York!!

New York, New York *sing for effect*.

We’ll leave the last week of May and come back the day after my birthday. Uhu, I’m gonna spend my 25th birthday and our 5th anniversary in this awesome city with my awesome person. Eeek! So excited! Can’t wait. So much to plan. (Imagine me and the Duracell bunny and you’ll catch my drift.)


It’s been a long time since my last (and first) visit. And it was love on first sight. I always wanted to go back in Spring/Summer because last time, Central Park was covered with snow. And even though the city looked beautiful with this white blanket, now I really want to see it when everything is blooming.

So a few weeks ago, we made it official. Very spontaneous we booked it all. Gotta love for good plane ticket deals. Oh, and do check out They keep an eye on the prices of the hotel you booked (and the room), if it drops, they’ll cancel your original booking (without charge) and rebook with the discount price. In return, they take a small percentage of your savings. I’ll let you know if I end up saving some money with this!


In the meanwhile, I started planning. Conclusion, we need more time. There is already so much on the agenda that I really wanna do, see and taste. But if you have something we really really should do, let me know!