My holiday countdown has officially begun. We’ll be leaving for the Dominican Republic next Tuesday, and seriously: we-can’t-wait! This trip was booked rather last-minute, so we didn’t have to pay a ridiculous amount of money, which isn’t a bad thing. And as I’m all in favor of loving life and enjoying it to the fullest.

Here are tree tips (which I also use myself) to book your next trip for a reasonable price:



Probably my favorite! Momondo allows you to quickly search for the cheapest, quickest or best deal for any flight route. It will scan all the available airlines and their rate for the set date, guaranteeing the best deal.

Also, from my experiences, booking flights that leave on Tuesday and Thursdays are always the cheapest. Especially when you book them during office hours. I have seen prices going up several times during the weekends and even after business hours. The sneaky bastards. (Also check if you can find discount codes for the flight company you eventually go for.)


Consider AirBNB for sure when looking for a place to stay abroad. Especially when going to countries where hotels are crazy expensive (yes New York, I’m talking to you!). It allows you to save lots of money + if you’re in luck with your hosts, they can give you amazing tips about must-sees, restaurants or ‘forgotten’ spots. Make sure to check the reviews about the person you’re considering and you’ll be heading for a fun adventure.


Check the accepted currencies of your destination. For example, in the Dominican Republic they accept both euro and dollars. The obvious decision for us would be to just use euros. BUT, as the currency rate for dollars is rather low at this moment, we can save ourselves quite some money by exchanging money before we leave and by paying everything there with dollars.


And not to worry. I’ll be scheduling some posts for when I’m gone. Besides, you still have that trip to plan as well! ;)