Cinema without popcorn, an iPhone without a cute cover, a cookie without chocolat… That’s how I would feel without my girls… weird, awkward and just not right.

Just like Carrie has Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, I also have three amazing besties (how cliché of me). All very different which is exactly what makes us so perfect together as friends. We’re like Sex in The City 2.0. Better, wilder and way funnier! ^^

Because we all like some time off every now and again, and because quality time together is always fun (sorry boys), it was time for a ladies weekend. Unfortunately, one of the girls had to work so she couldn’t join. But she was there in spirit! ;-)

The crew
Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion comp copy

We went across the border and drove to Breskens. A little place by a harbor in Holland, where we could stay in a cosy apartment with an amazing view.


Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 5

Once arrived, we first did some grocery shopping (candyyy!). Because what do you need for an awesome weekend? That’s right. Food! Lot’s of food! Not the healthy stuff this time. The things where you can stare at because they look so sweet, perfect and like heaven (damn, now I’m drooling again).

On our first day, the sun was showing its cute little bum so we took the ferry to Vlissingen. A charming little town nearby where we could also do some shopping. On the boat itself, we had the perfect scenery to take some pics, enjoy the view and of course the Sun.

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 10

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 8

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 20Visiting this place couldn’t happen without walking in to this ice cream paradise and try out some flavors! Oreo, caramel waffle, macaroon, hazelnut Snickers, … They had it all!

That same night, we did feel like some normal food (= no candy) and went out for dinner. The place we went was so cosy that I had that instant ‘no worries, everything is perfect’ feeling.

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 28

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 27

Breskens_ladiesweekend_friends_friendship_lovelifelovefashion 26Because the next day was wet and very misty, we decided to stay inside and start the day as we ended the previous one: Hang in the couch, talking, laughing, eating, watching movies … A perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

Back home, the weekend even got a little bit more amazing. (Was that even possible?!) My boyfriend just got home from a trip to Shanghai, and I was finally able to squeeze him and attack him with 1000s of kisses.

So how was your weekend? Shopping, cinema, city trip or just a lazy pj day? Love to hear about it! :)