Birds singing, the smell of sunblock, a cold drink in my hand … Ah this is life! Le boyfriend is still in bed as it’s still quite early. But as for me, I’m already enjoying the relaxing temperatures by the pool. Alone with my thoughts. A perfect opportunity to already write a short post about our awesome trip to Bulgaria. Better to do this when I’m back home?! Neh, I have those summer pictures to take care of then. Although chances are big I’ll only post this when I’m back so I can add some of those cool holiday pictures. (Start dreaming about your own vacation already!)

So while I sit here almost alone by the pool (accompanied by not even a handful other early birds) I think back … Walks on the beach, ass bombs in the pool, a boat trip with a group of funny and amazingly friendly Dutch people (felt like we never left Amsterdam), swimming (or at least something that looked like it), discovering two ancient and historically rich towns, … Check, check, check. Basically doing whatever we feel like at that moment. Nothing better than spending some quality time, enjoying the beautiful weather, not having to work and absolutely nothing to worry about (except about the fact that my tanned color looks so much more impressive with sunglasses on; I’m sure you all know the feeling).






Next to enjoying each others’ company we had another favorite activity: Food! Like a lot! The food is quite cheap in Bulgaria if you compare it to Belgium. And boy do we like food! We’re also super close (read: right in the middle) of Sunny Beach — thé place were you can find all kinds of neat restaurants, bars and clubs. The vibe at night is amazing and everyone is so genuinely friendly! So as the Sun is almost done playing hide-and-seek, I’ll stop here and get ready to, yes, have dinner. Food!





Bulgaria-holiday-to-do-vacation-sun-cheap-lovelifelovefashion-6Is there still a trip planned on your agenda this summer?