Last weekend I went to a little historical town called Ypres with my Dad and boyfriend. My two favorite men in the world. It may sound silly but I can truly enjoy those trips. Even if it means I have to listen on and on (and on (and on) to stories about battle fields and war. (Seriously, Dad, you should become a history teacher!)

But anyway, let’s talk outfit. Although it was sunny, there was that wind that could be quite chilly. Meaning a sweater was an absolute must. The boots, well yeah, they are made for walking (am I the only one singing ‘these boots are made for walkin’?) and that was what we did. Walking, eating and laughing. What more do we need…

What I’m wearing: Bershka shirt and woolen sweater, Tommy Hilfiger denim, Primark cross body bag, H&M necklace, hat, rings and boots.