Time to put away those jackets and woolen sweaters and to bring out those summer clothes, ladies. Last weekend we finally had some beautiful weather and there’s more of that coming our way. Bring it!

As I was having my birthday party the other night, I was getting everything in order for a great night. Until I got a call from the photographer (Marion Braque) who I’ve worked with a while ago. She was in Ghent together with a make-up artist (Hannelie Taillaert), waiting on a model that didn’t show. Lucky for me, because she called me up and before I knew it I was digging through my closet, like a dog chasing cars.

I jumped into the shower, did my hair, picked out two outfits and matching accessories. All within 30 minutes! While my boyfriend took care of the rest of the party’s preparations, I was ready for some camera action. Once on scene, it was time to relax and let Hannelie do my make-up. Below you can see the result of both the make-up as well as one of the outfits.

What I’m wearing: H&M hat, Primark printed dress, H&M  jacket, Primark purse, Lacoste watch, Primark ballerinas.

romantic blue 2

romantic blue 7

romantic blue 4

romantic blue 5

romantic blue 6