I know I know, it seems like I’m currently living in this oversized blazer. And perhaps there’s a little truth in that. But let’s focus on my awesome new shoes instead and ignore the fact that I really can’t wear the same jacket day in day out. (Or can I? Ah f*ck it, sure I can.) Anyway, back to the shoes.

These Memory Foam Skechers are bought during our stay in New York, I had my eyes on a pair for a while now and even though I wasn’t planning on wearing them over there, I was hooked when I tried them on in the store. It’s really like walking on clouds. Little heavenly New York clouds. And best of all, those tiny sneaker socks (oh how I hate those things) actually stay on there place for over an hour. (Trust me, that’s impressive!) And don’t tell me you don’t know the feeling: you’re walking around with the boyfriend, hand in hand, while all you can think of is that stupid silly looking sock not staying on it’s place. Like it was that hard to just add a little more fabric. Every time I secretly hope the washing machine will eat them.

Wow, how much can a person talk about a jacket and socks. Too long I admit. But talking about that jacket and those socks. They fit perfectly together with my ripped denim, my denim shirt and knitted sweater. A perfect combo to walk the streets of an amazing city. Add a little (but practical) backpack and your one of them. Seriously, I was so glad to see so many people using a backpack over there!

Move over purses, the backpack is here to stay.

What I’m wearing: Zara oversized white blazer, H&M denim top, ONLY ripped denim, Skechers shoes, MANGO knitted sweater, Mint & Berry backpack.



What’s your favorite go-to clothing piece of the moment that actually really needs a wash? #dontleavemehanging