Who doesn’t like soft materials? A woolly sweater, a soft blanky, or, yes, even velvet shoes … during winter you can’t go wrong nor without all things soft. Preferably, one of each, thank you very much.

And when we’re talking about shoes, I don’t mind if they look a bit quirky or have that little extra.

Nobody really wants boring shoes, ain’t I right?

So, write it down: with a velvet pair, you can’t go wrong! No doubt. The soft velvet material reflects light in a fun way, that make even solid colours pop. If you’re a real dare-devil, you can even go for a pair that combines the awesome fabric with glitters, bling, pearls, or leather accents. You’ll have a statement shoe in no time that perfectly brings vibrance to your outfit, making it truly come to life! Like in the outfit I’m wearing below… very neutral and casual. But the shoes… the shoes make the look picture perfect.

What I’m wearing: Mango long coat, H&M sweater, JBC white shirt, H&M trousers, Michael Kors velvet shoes, Chanel purse.

velvet-slip-ons-shoes-michael-kors-black-denim-sweater-basic-shirt-long-coat-chanel-purse-lovelifelovefashion-2 velvet-slip-ons-shoes-michael-kors-black-denim-sweater-basic-shirt-long-coat-chanel-purse-lovelifelovefashion-3 velvet-slip-ons-shoes-michael-kors-black-denim-sweater-basic-shirt-long-coat-chanel-purse-lovelifelovefashion-4 velvet-slip-ons-shoes-michael-kors-black-denim-sweater-basic-shirt-long-coat-chanel-purse-lovelifelovefashion-cover

This post is made in collaboration with Zalando