You know that feeling when you go shopping because it’s grey outside and you don’t feel like doing nothing? I know I do. Last week when I opened up the curtains (and being the first week of the month: hellooo pay check) I decided it was a perfect day for shopping.

After waiting in the cold on the tram for 30! minutes, we finally arrived. And so did the sun… Unexpected yet very welcome. This shoot wasn’t planned, but as it will probably be the last dark & bad weather proof outfit for some time (fingers crossed) we quickly took some pictures for the blog.

What I’m wearing: Zara leather perfecto (cool one here), H&M blouse (oh how I love it), H&M ripped denim (similar here), All Stars, Liu Jo purse.







Some of you may have seen this picture passing by on social media. I couldn’t resist adding it to this post. I just love how we spontaneously pulled a funny face without knowing it from one another. That’s the friendship in love people (corny me ^^).