Hiya guys! Everyone doing okay? It’s weekend so I suppose you’re in an extra happy mood?! ^^ Me too, and not only because it’s weekend… but also because the first look I’ve put together for Zalando appeared on their website! #BAM

Even though it’s a little weird to spot myself while browsing for clothes, it’s also a little awesome. #Iadmit

Anyway, I do hope you like this complete Topshop look I’ve put together! And if you’re curious to see what I had to say about the look, you might wanna have a peek at this page and scroll all the way down. For those who like to see more pics and details of the outfit, scroll down here at the blog. ^^

What I’m wearing: Basic white top, green pants, white sneakers and a big black shopperbag (all by Topshop).

Topshop-zalando-pantalon-green-cyprus-sneakers-wit-top-cream-handtas-black-lovelifelovefashion-1 Topshop-zalando-pantalon-green-cyprus-sneakers-wit-top-cream-handtas-black-lovelifelovefashion-2 Topshop-zalando-pantalon-green-cyprus-sneakers-wit-top-cream-handtas-black-lovelifelovefashion-3

What do you think of this look? You like the pants? I for one love it! Super comfortable, an amazing color sceme and the perfect statement piece. 

This outfit was chosen and styled by me but sponsored by Zalando.