First of all, a very happy new year, babes! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with family and friends and yes, that you at least got one killer gift for Christmas. ^^ That 2016 may become awesome and adventurous!

For us, 2016 will definitely be a big year. It will be the year where we will move into our own little place. A new beginning to our future. So stoked about this! We really can’t wait to make our very own home Christmas proof next year.

What about you guys? Anything big in your agenda? A crazy holiday, a baby joining the family, graduating? Really love to hear.

Now, for the outfit I’m wearing in this post: I clearly worked with different patterns. I love how this hot mess turned into an interesting mix. If you think about it, we often (too often) try to play it safe. If not in the wardrobe area, then maybe in life. Or maybe on the work floor. What happened to all those “let’s make it happen. Let’s make it real” plans we once all had? I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad. On the contrary, let’s motivate each other to get back in the saddle and take over control. Even better, let’s make a deal: To all get more outside of that comfort zone in 2016. Mix and match, try new things, take on new challenges, take on some scary challenges and most importantly: enjoy! Enjoy life without over-thinking everything too much and live in the now.

What I’m wearing: H&M hat, Charlise knitted coat c/o, Jacqueline de Yong black and white shirt, Bershka scarf, Only distressed jeans, Converse pink metallic sneakers, Lobogato necklace.

happy-newyear-holidays-outfit-patterns-prints-only-hm-converse-metallic-pink-charlise-lobogato-outfit-personal-lovelifelovefashion-2happy-newyear-holidays-outfit-patterns-prints-only-hm-converse-metallic-pink-charlise-lobogato-outfit-personal-lovelifelovefashion-4happy-newyear-holidays-outfit-patterns-prints-only-hm-converse-metallic-pink-charlise-lobogato-outfit-personal-lovelifelovefashion-3 happy-newyear-holidays-outfit-patterns-prints-only-hm-converse-metallic-pink-charlise-lobogato-outfit-personal-lovelifelovefashion

So, my first challenge: instead of counting down the days to the beginning of our future, to the next christmas in our very own home, I’ll try to focus on the entire process towards that day. The good and the lesser days. Let’s live in the now. So yes, that might include some waiting, but it gives more time to plan, to find some perfect interior items, to hang out with friends instead of painting countless walls, to spend quality time with the family instead of sweating our asses of while putting together a wardrobe, to go on dates with the boyfriend instead of unboxing way too many boxes together. One thing’s for sure. It will be a good year! The beginning, the middle and the ending.

 Lots of love,