My colleagues and friends can vouch for it: during Fall and Winter, I always develop a weird obsession with scarfs. I’m always cold, so even throughout day & at the office you might catch me hugging my scarf as if it were a kitten.

A little weird, I know (my apologies) but coming to work or going shopping for groceries with a blanket would even be stranger. So you’re welcome. ^^ Now, unlike what you might think, I don’t have that many scarfs. My oldest and favorite one I bought a couple of years ago. And before you say anything: it’s not like I was on the lookout for a new one. Heck, I try to stay away as for as possible of clothing shops since we bought our own place. But when the boyfriend really needed a sweater, one thing led to another.

I spotted this scarf, I felt an attraction, I felt how soft it was, I fell in love, I tried it on, I wanted to marry it. And that was that.

The damage was done. But hey, I’ve been wearing it every day ever since … #goodinvestmentIsay

What I’m wearing: S. Oliver soft pink/grey scarf, Only top, knitted vest with patches (bought in a small shop in France), Diesel jeans, lobogato necklace, Converse pink metallic sneakers.that-scarf-pink-ombre-jeans-denim-soliver-all-stars-converse-metallic-lobogato-outfit-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-1 that-scarf-pink-ombre-jeans-denim-soliver-all-stars-converse-metallic-lobogato-outfit-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-3that-scarf-pink-ombre-jeans-denim-soliver-all-stars-converse-metallic-lobogato-outfit-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-2 that-scarf-pink-ombre-jeans-denim-soliver-all-stars-converse-metallic-lobogato-outfit-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-coverDo you also have a weird obsession with scarfs or any other clothing piece? Please say yes, it will make me feel less weird. :p