Is there any better way to start the weekend then by getting yummy food served on a platter while you’re still in bed? No, sir, no. Now, because that’s a rare thing to happen (#hint), the bloggers brunch by Vitalinea in Brussels last weekend, was the next best thing. I took the boyfriend along for some quality time; for a lovely in-between brunch and some christmas market wandering afterwards.

While we were enjoying the cozy Christmas vibes, we stopped a few minutes to take some outfit pictures. Right in time before my nose started to look like Rudolph’s nose. By the end of the day unfortunately, I stopped feeling awesome and got sick instead. Really sick. The whole shazam. A sore throat, headache, nauseous, drowsy and I lost my appetite completely. And even though all I wanted to do was sleep, for some reason, my mind wouldn’t power off.

All that was left to do was to be a sick puppy and let the boyfriend sing Soft Kitty a couple of times.

So as good as my weekend started, it ended just as bad. Luckily I already feel much better and can’t wait for the next one to come! Hope yours was better?!

What I’m wearing: Vero Moda furry parka, grey beanie, H&M black oversized blazer, Jacqueline Young printed blouse, Stan Smith’s Adidas, H&M light denim, Chanel 2.55.