Today is a dark day in men’s history. Well, my history. It has happened. After I had to let go of my favorite ice cream that they stopped selling a few years ago, I thought I would never be the same. Until I met the housebrand of Delhaize. I never really go there so it was by accident I discovered their Coffee ice cream. It-is-tha-bombshit. Soft, creamy, a good old fashion coffee flavor… Welcome back perfect me-moments! Hope had returned.

So last month I wanted to get myself a new stash. But it was nowhere to be found (*panic mode*). I asked the nicest lady I could find (no way she would have the balls to break me heart) but she simply said: “Oh, they took it out of the assortiment”. She might as well have ripped my heart out to then step on it (you know, like they do in The Vampire Diaries). Seriously, I could cry. So let’s all start a petition: Auré Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Who’s with me?!

Anyway, that happened right after we shot this outfit (in the meanwhile about a month ago. Ooops). I was still happy, clueless and enjoying a half day off with the boyfriend. It was kinda chilly but the sun felt like heaven on my skin. (OMG perfect weather for ice-cream! snif) So I went for shorts (these used to be long jeans), a comfy knitted sweater and a big scarf. That’s all I needed to survive that day. So I thought…

What I’m wearing: Zara scarf (here), H&M knitted sweater (dark version here), Primark blouse, Only shorts, H&M boots, LUZ necklace (here), Tommy Hilfiger watch, H&M rings.





Have you ever had to let go of something because they simply stopped selling it? love to hear! It might help me get over this, well clearly massive drama!

By the way, this is the end result of my ‘Making Outfit Posts 101’. Hope you like it.