The best outfits during holidays are the simple ones. Preferably extra loose without too many seams that can feel to tight (especially on a burned skin). This outfit is exactly that. Comfortable, summer-proof and yet elegant because of the long skirt factor.

Stripes on the other hand are by default a winner. Combining them with a totally different pattern — like this snake printed purse — allows you to easily add some extra punch to an all-stripes look. And not to forget, an extra benefit of a maxi dress at night is that your legs stay protected from those dreadful mosquitos. Your feet on the other hand suddenly become a true feast. Be warned. ^^

What I’m wearing: Bershka maxi dress, GAP hat, Even&Odd sunnies, H&M snake printed purse, brandless sandals.

stripes-maxidress-holiday-look-long-dress-snake-purse-gap-hat-nude-sandals-outfit-spain-lovelifelovefashion-1stripes-maxidress-holiday-look-long-dress-snake-purse-gap-hat-nude-sandals-outfit-spain-lovelifelovefashion-3 stripes-maxidress-holiday-look-long-dress-snake-purse-gap-hat-nude-sandals-outfit-spain-lovelifelovefashion-2Do you also love wearing maxi dresses when you are on holiday? And what about stripes? How many striped items to you have hanging in your closet? ^^