Hiya, ladies! How has everyone been doing lately? It feels like I haven’t been here on the blog in like forever! I’m so sorry for that. I just haven’t gotten around to it with everything going on right now.

For those who don’t know yet: we’re directing every free minute we got towards our home-to-be… leaving us with no time left to do anything else but:

Eat, sleep, work repeat! ^^

Anyway, even though we have plenty to do’s, we also had to take care of some grocery shopping today. And seeing how we got spoiled with some sunshine, I asked the boyfriend to quickly take some shots of the outfit I was wearing. Just minutes before I had to turn it in again for a hoodie with paint all over it and a black white painted pair of trousers.

Like very often, this look is a combo of blue and white. Just the way I like it and perfect for a sunny pre-Spring day. A pair of white sneakers make this look super casual and perfect for some quick shopping while the white blazers adds an extra something something. Hello sophistication. ^^

Talking about Spring… Are you also counting the days? Only 8 days until it’s official! I seriously hope it will also be the start of many manny manny sunny days to come.

What I’m wearing: Miss Selfridge white blazer, Springfield striped shirt, Diesel jeans, Topshop white sneakers.

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