What to wear to a brunch date on a sunny (read: hot) day with fellow bloggers. Good question hu?! I don’t think I can give a straight answer to that. And to be honest, I had to try some different options myself before I was satisfied with the result.

First of all, it should fit the occasion and temperatures. Meaning, food(baby)proof and breezy. Secondly, knowing that most of the attending peeps are fashion bloggers, you know you can go a little further and add some yes-I’m-a-blogger attitude to the outfit. But more importantly, you should stay true to your own style.

Food(baby)proof, breezy, I’m-a-blogger-attitude and personal … uuh okay!

During attempt number 3, I broke down my all black comfort zone I was in for the last couple of weeks (okay, and my currently favorite black jeans was sitting in the washing machine), and went for spring proof items. Starting with this beautiful white oversized blazer. Talk about going a complete other direction. Underneath the blazer I was wearing a black and white sleeveless geometric printed airy blouse, that I carelessly tucked into my jeans. A jeans that’s very stretchable by the way! I first had very tight jeans on but with all the food that was coming my way, no way I was going to do that to myself. So comfortable stretchy jeans it was! And like always, a good comfy pair of sneakers. It was Sunday after all.

Now for the blogger vibe, I’m sure my pretty Chanel purse got that covered. Together with my typical minimalstic accessories, I gave this soft contrasted outfit, that little extra spice.

What I’m wearing: Zara white oversized blazer, H&M sleevless top, Zara light denim, Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, LUZ & Boutique Minimaliste necklace, Daniel Wellington watch, Chanel purse, Spektre sunglasses




What do you think of these soft colors? Do you like the change?