What’s up ladies. I hope everyone is fine and has some killer plans for the weekend? And yes, sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing also falls under the category ‘Killer Plans!’. ^^

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks ever since we’re back from New York and decided to buy our own place, so in all the hustle, I totally forget to share this look last weekend. Ah well, better late than sorry. That being said, this second NYC outfit is again a very laid back one. A little less street style than the previous one (do let me know what you think of that one too! Really curious!) and a little more feminine. And because of the high temperatures, a blouse like this one was perfect. Light and breezy.

Because it’s over all still NYC (read: lot’s of blocks to walk) comfy shoes are a must.

They might not be as amazing as my newest Skechers, they got me through SoHo and the day without any blisters.

The backpack on the other hand is perfect to keep everything in. Water, our camera, the GoPro and a light jacket in case it would rain. Practical s*t. And those stripes, don’t you just love stripes? ^^

What I’m wearing: H&M black blouse, H&M gold plated belt, Zara jeans, Mango leopard slip-ons, Mint & Berry striped backpack, Mango cross-body bag.



Let me know what you think of this look! And what’s on the agenda for this upcoming weekend ^^

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