Hi guys, sorry for the shameless lack of outfit posts lately. Truth is, it was super busy at work the last couple of weeks, working towards a massive trade show in Germany. In the meanwhile, we kept working, puzzling and searching for the perfect (and affordable) items for our home-to-be project. Luckily, after the trade show, I could almost straight away head over to Mallorca, Spain for some time off and some decent quality time with the boyfriend. More about this journey very soon! Pinky promise.

Anyway, this trip also meant the perfect opportunity to get some holiday outfits shot. Nice weather, beautiful sceneries and time. That’s all I needed ^^ So here’s the first one of the bunch.

Can I introduce to you: My smaragd green jumpsuit

This ruby green jumpsuit was actually one of the only sales I bought last summer. I don’t know what it was with this bold piece, but I was drawn to it from the moment I got into the store. Not persé a piece of clothing a person gets to wear quite often. But that color was imprinted on my retina like a green diamond would be. Seeing that 50% discount tag just closed the deal.

This color is by the way is one of the few original shades that looks absolutely fantastic on both very light color skin as a darker skin and everything in-between. And the cut this jumpsuit has, well… there’s no better feeling than wearing a soft and loose piece of fabric on a hot evening.

What I’m wearing: H&M green jumpsuit, Even & Odd round retro sunglasses, Lobogato pendant necklace, brandless sandals.

ruby-green-jumpsuit-hm-even-and-odd-sunglasses-sunnies-holiday-look-lobogato-short-hair-rooftop-look-outfit-lovelifelovefashion-1 ruby-green-jumpsuit-hm-even-and-odd-sunglasses-sunnies-holiday-look-lobogato-short-hair-rooftop-look-outfit-lovelifelovefashion-3 ruby-green-jumpsuit-hm-even-and-odd-sunglasses-sunnies-holiday-look-lobogato-short-hair-rooftop-look-outfit-lovelifelovefashion-4 ruby-green-jumpsuit-hm-even-and-odd-sunglasses-sunnies-holiday-look-lobogato-short-hair-rooftop-look-outfit-lovelifelovefashionWhat do you think of this look? Something you would wear or do you rather prefer a dress?