Guess what, Fall is peeking right around the corner (at this side of the world anyway) and there’s no stopping it. There, I said it. Out loud. First step to acceptance.

We’re all holding on as long as possible to some summer happiness. Those daily ice creams, that smell of sunscreen, late night drinks under a clear sky or BBQs and an early breakfast. Tons of reasons to not want summer to be over. But once in a while, a reality check is needed. This time, it’s about the fact that’s it’s time to get into Fall mode. So really, I’m doing this to help out. So think of those cozy dark nights on the couch with candle lights, or laying in bed and hearing it rain outside while you smell those fresh sheets, or wait, even better: sipping of your hot coco while wrapping your body in blanket number tree! Enough to look forward to.

We just all need a little reminder to get into that Fall mood. #You’reWelcome

For those who really wanna hold on to summer a little longer, do it with your wardrobe. Layer up some of your favorite sun-proof items, combine those skirts, maxi-dresses or ripped boyfriends jeans with a comfy thick sweater or go for a jersey and knitted scarf. And each and every time you can, put on a pair of sunnies from the moment you see some rays of sunshine peek through. Exactly the reason why this leather plated skirt got into my virtual shopping basket a while ago. It’s a perfect investment and it’s just as much summer proof as it is Fall (and even Winter) proof. Hands up for pleated skirts!

What I’m wearing: H&M basic tee, Sisley black leather pleated skirt, Primark cut-out heels, Chanel 2.55




pleated-leather-skirt-sisley-ootd-grey-basic-shirt-chanel-purse-2.55-lambskin-fashion-classic-cut-out-heels-pumps-black-primark-hm-lovelifelovefashionHow are you feeling about Fall coming closer by? And what about the leather skirt? Something you like or hate? Shoot! Love to hear!