Morning, peeps. How is everyone doing? This week’s outfit is probably my favorite one of the month. We all search for our own style and for something we feel great in. Well this is it for me. Although I like to change things up, this type of comfortable (but in a non-everyday way) look is my favorite go-to style. A good old pair of jeans, a blouse (with or without minimalistic print), a pair of awesome kicks (I’m just loving my newest pink golden Converse sneakers!) and a high quality coat to create a more sophisticated look. It’s a look that feels me. Not over the top but with a few eye catchers to lift it up to the next level.


So my advice to you, invest in some adequate basics. I know it’s something you hear often, but even I only started doing that a year or so ago. And I have a freakin’ fashion blog. So it’s easy to forget/ignore that simple “rule”. Cause it’s hard. Finding those great basic pieces is not easy in my opinion. But just like this blouse and the coat I’m wearing here, they can do so much for an entire look. So we search. And we curs, and we do f*ck ups. After all, we’re all human. And people sometimes do strange or weird things. Even bloggers. Especially bloggers.

What I’m wearing: Mango long coat, Kocca black & white shirt, Zara denim, Converse All Star pink gold, H&M necklace & rings.



What do you think of my favorite go-to look? Are you still figuring out which look works best for you?