If little peacocks would come together, could read Vogue and go shopping together (wow, I wonder where I’m going with this), I’m pretty sure this is the skirt they would all go for. Damn, they would fight over it even. And if those little peacocks would be a even the slightest bit up to date about the upcoming trends, they would all be over-the-top excited about the print and colors of this midi-skirt. They would wanna put it on to feel all grown-up, colorful and pretty. Like a peacock princess. But oh wait, only the male peacocks have colorful feathers… Now it completely doesn’t make sense what I’m writing here. Ah well…

Enough about peacocks now, before you’re all convinced I’m doing drugs (really, I’m not). I bought this colorful midi-skirt during my trip to Germany. We came across a Primark (by accident, really!), and then this beauty showed up out of nowhere. I don’t need to tell you I had a little hallelujah moment. That print, the length, the colors, it was love at first sight. I tried it on and was instantly feeling like a peacock princess. All proud and pretty. Yup this is a winner.

What I’m wearing: River Island blazer, Primark blouse, Primark midi-skirt, Sam Edelman heels, H&M necklaces, H&M rings, Boutique Minimaliste bracelet.




By the way, with all the blabbering about the skirt and peacocks (what was that about, djeez) I almost forgot pointing out that I’m wearing my new Sam Edelman, Smithfields heels here.