Good morning, 2015! My first outfit of the year was a comfy one. (But of course!) To get through the day (why is that first day of the year always so hard to get through?! #sleepy) we went outside to have a walk in the park. With my knitted hat and big thick scarf, 2 layers of knitted sweaters and my Charlise coat, we headed out to get some fresh air and a little morning sun. Comme to Momma Vitamins D.

If we would’ve walked any slower, people would’ve thought there was a zombie apocalypse. #truestory

What I’m wearing: Charlise coat c/o, Primark scarf, Zara jeans, Primark boots, H&M hat.






Anyway, nothing that gets you wide awake as cold temperatures, and throwing leaves in the air like a crazy person.

How did you spend New Year’s Day? Been a lazy potato or started with a morning run? (Seriously, what’s up with all the joggers we saw that morning?! Keep some for your 2016 resolutions.)