Morning peeps. I’m so thrilled to show you guys my second New York outfit. My Zalando New York outfit. That’s right, almost every piece you see below in the pictures are findable via the Zalando webshop. Easy hu! ^^ Because they were so cool to let me pick out a few things for my trip, I was able to put together my ultimate New York street style look. #thankyou

The obvious center piece of this outfit (and also my favorite piece) is this ripped denim of Noisy May. To me, it’s the perfect basis for a casual street style look. My only concern? Keeping it out of my Moms hands. I’m sure she would get those typical old pieces of denim to sew on top of the ripped parts.

To complete the look I picked out a neutral white knitted sweater and my white Stan Smiths. I just love to use soft shades with light jeans these days. The hat and coat were all I need to make this outfit a cold day-proof outfit.

What I’m wearing: Bickley+Mitchell grey beanieOnly grey coat, Bershka knitted scarf, Only white knitted sweater, Noisy May ripped denim, Stan Smith Adidas, Chanel 2.55.

ootd-Zalando-NYC-streetstyle-look-ripped-denim-distressed-knitted-only-stansmith-white-sweater-noisy-may-chanel-2.55-bershka-scarf-lovelifelovefashion-0 ootd-Zalando-NYC-streetstyle-look-ripped-denim-distressed-knitted-only-stansmith-white-sweater-noisy-may-chanel-2.55-bershka-scarf-lovelifelovefashion-1 ootd-Zalando-NYC-streetstyle-look-ripped-denim-distressed-knitted-only-stansmith-white-sweater-noisy-may-chanel-2.55-bershka-scarf-lovelifelovefashion-2 ootd-Zalando-NYC-streetstyle-look-ripped-denim-distressed-knitted-only-stansmith-white-sweater-noisy-may-chanel-2.55-bershka-scarf-lovelifelovefashion-coverWhat do you think of this look? Mission accomplished or not?

Some items in this outfit are sponsored by Zalando and this trip was a collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.