Today is Mother’s Day in (most) parts of Belgium. So to all Mommies reading this post: Congrats and enjoy all the spoiling!

Together with my Dad’s birthday, yesterday asked for some proper celebrations. I’ll spare you from the details on how we celebrated (it involved good food #enoughsaid). I’d rather show you the outfit I was wearing for our celebrating day in Ghent.

Keep calm and call your Mom!

We planned to do some quick shopping afterwards (needed a few essentials like sneaker socks for our trip to New York — eek!), so a comfortable look was a must. Hence the leopard slip-ons, which are always gentle to my feet. Because the weather was going from full on sunny to cloudy yesterday, I went for an airy loose sweatshirt and a blazer. The blazer was easy to take off on those sunny moments, while the loose top allowed me to enjoy that breezy air. When going to Ghent, a little boldness is always on place. That’s where the ripped denim came in. Even though my Mom hates them and my Dad make the same (not that) funny joke about my pants being worn down and having these weird wholes, they’ve accepted this part of my style. #phew

What I’m wearing: River Island black long blazer, Monique Stam (a hidden store in Antwerp) denim and top, Mango leopard slip-ons, Thought Blossoms pendant, Boutique Minimalsite little triangle necklace



Enjoy this day, sweeties! I’m having a little blogger get-together brunch thingy going on this afternoon in Antwerp. So looking forward to that! What are your plans for the rest of this weekend?