Morning, everyone! How great is it to start your day with some sunshine peeking in? Even though Fall has hit Belgium soil, there’s nothing yet that supports this fact, as right now it’s full-on sunshine and nice temperatures. Anyway, enough with the weather blabber, but I needed to make a point. The point being that the weather is mighty fine and no chance in hell I was gonna leave the opportunity to what might’ve been the last time this year to go outside with bare arms.

In between a super hectic day, we managed to take some shots of my outfit, right in the middle of the day. Always a challenge when the Sun is on its highest point and clouds are messing with the lightning every 2 minutes. We really played peek a boo with the sun for a while but hey, we managed to get some pretty clear shots of the look. And what better to wear in a transition period than some monochrome shades.

What I’m wearing: Freeman T. Porter lace top, H&M oversized sleeveless blazer, ONLY knee ripped jeans, Mango leopard slip-ons, Daniel Wellington watch, LoboGato Hexagon necklace, Polaroid sunnies.




outfit-white-lace-Freeman-T.-Porter-daniel-wellington-blazer-oversized-black-sleeveless-leopard-slipons-ripped-distressed-kneecut-jeans-lovelifelovefashion-3Hope you like this week’s look and enjoy the rest of your sunny Sunday peeps!