I have the feeling this will be one of the last outfit posts this year where you see me wearing a dress. ^^ As of last week, Fall has really hit the ground, didn’t it!

Anyway, let’s hold on to those last summer memories for a little longer. And this second Zalando look is one of those cool memories. (You can also find it at the Miss Selfridge brand page@ Zalando by the way. ^^)

Everything you see (except the jewelry) is from Miss Selfridge. A brand that for years on end has always seemed to find its way to my wardrobe. They have nice classics, trendy basics and a few specials. In other words, you need a complete new outfit? You’ll find it with them. This dress with the white blazer for instance was one of my go-to office looks. Only with white sneakers instead. Time for drinks after work? Easy! Change it up with heels and you’re ready to go.

What I’m wearing: white blazer, floral dress, cut-out/strapped heels and white clutch, all by Miss Selfridge.


Miss-Selfridge-zalando-korte-cia-sandalen-white-clutch-multi-bright-jurkje-jas-cream--black-lovelifelovefashion-2 Miss-Selfridge-zalando-korte-cia-sandalen-white-clutch-multi-bright-jurkje-jas-cream--black-lovelifelovefashion-3 Miss-Selfridge-zalando-korte-cia-sandalen-white-clutch-multi-bright-jurkje-jas-cream--black-lovelifelovefashion-cover


What about you. Are you ready for the new season? And what it your favorite summer memorie? Love to hear!

This post is made in collaboration with Zalando