Hiya ladies, I was writing the text for this post during my stay in Spain while listening to the breaking of waves. Hiding under a big parasol from the big bright Spanish sun. I know, I should relax instead of writing. But this place zone is inspiring me. And we can’t mess with the zone. (*yoga pose*)

About the outfit: very simple but to me, a perfect evening look for those first evenings when on holiday. An overload of lace is totally allowed these days so I’m taking advantage of it. And the bright top… well I think it’s clear that it simply gives it a more happy vibe. The scenery is taking care of the rest.

What I’m wearing: Only top, Vero Moda lace top, Jennyfer lace skirt (bought in Paris), H&M bag, brandless sandals, Hema necklace, Primark rings.






Also a big thanks to my travelsweety Stephany for taking these pictures! You rock! x