A dress is never just a dress. Especially if we’re talking about a knitted one. The possibilities to combine those are really endless and the biggest advantage of a knitted piece is that it can be made 100% winter-proof.

Now, in proving my point, the New York weather decided to pull a good one on me. Going from a cold and windy day to a super sunny (almost 15° C) day over night. Streets got jammed with people going for a jog, a walk with their dog. And those hat/glove/umbrella stands turned into water and sunglasses stands. Central Park … oh, Central Park turned from the quiet yet beautiful park it was the day before into a fully packed park with that typical New York vibe.

A beautiful warm Spring day, doesn’t keep a single New Yorker away.

Anyway, you get the picture. My knitted dress turning into a 100% winter approved outfit had to make room for a Spring version. (Bye-bye fluffy coat, woolen socks, cute gloves and adorable hat). A simple knitted oversized sweater and my leather jacket were more than enough to keep me warm that day. The Sun did the rest.

What I’m wearing: Warehouse knitted grey dress, Zara leather jacket, Primark knitted sweater, Zara backpack, Stan Smith, Adidas sneakers, Polaroid sunnies, Thought Blossoms pendant.

maxi-dress-zalando-outfit-look-newyork-central-park-winter-grey-knitted-leather-jacket-sneakers-stan-smith-adidas-backpack-zara-pendant-necklace-lovelifelovefashion-2 maxi-dress-zalando-outfit-look-newyork-central-park-winter-grey-knitted-leather-jacket-sneakers-stan-smith-adidas-backpack-zara-pendant-necklace-lovelifelovefashion maxi-dress-zalando-outfit-look-newyork-central-park-winter-grey-knitted-leather-jacket-sneakers-stan-smith-adidas-backpack-zara-pendant-necklace-lovelifelovefashion-cover maxi-dress-zalando-outfit-look-newyork-central-park-winter-grey-knitted-leather-jacket-sneakers-stan-smith-adidas-backpack-zara-pendant-necklace-lovelifelovefashion-5 maxi-dress-zalando-outfit-look-newyork-central-park-winter-grey-knitted-leather-jacket-sneakers-stan-smith-adidas-backpack-zara-pendant-necklace-lovelifelovefashion-4What do you think of this kinda granny look turned bold? ^^

Some items in this outfit are sponsored by Zalando and this trip was a collaboration with Neckermann Belgium.