It’s crazy how happy I get when I see those rays of sunshine trying to break through our curtains in the morning. Not because it’s pleasant to wake up like that (not at all) but because you just know right there and then: aaah sunshine! And sunshine = a gooood day. As we are getting more and more of those sunny days, we can secretly start longing for those real summer days. Proper 30° summer days.

Sitting outside until midnight without getting cold, eating tapas and sipping cold drinks.

Another thing to look forward to when you think of summer: the festival season! I’m not a party animal, but a festival?! Ding ding ding! I love them. The atmosphere, people being extra friendly to one another, everyone being in a good mood and there for one reason: having fun and dancing!

While we were taking shots of an outfit I was wearing last weekend, my boyfriend mentioned that this would be perfect for a festival. After being a little proud of him for recognising an awesome festival look, I couldn’t do anything but to agree. ^^ The short jumpsuit gives enough coverage to protect yourself a little from the sun and its loose fit makes it comfortable and airy. The open-toe sandals give it that edgy touch, which I can really appreciate and the block heel makes them comfortable enough to dance on. The accessories are like usual minimalistic. That’s just me. But playing with different necklaces and layering them makes it perfectly okay for a festival look. The same goes for the rings. If you prefer minimalistic but like that little extra something something for the occasion, just go for more of the same! ;)

What I’m wearing: Misguided Petite floral jumpsuit, Kiomi sunglasses, H&M cross body bag, Sacha peep-toe sandals, LUZ necklaces, H&M hat and rings, Zalando bracelet.

inner-bohemian-festival-proof-sunshine-summer-sacha-luz-jumpsuit-ootd-flower-print-ankleboots-lovelifelovefashion-2inner-bohemian-festival-proof-sunshine-summer-sacha-luz-jumpsuit-ootd-flower-print-ankleboots-lovelifelovefashion-3inner-bohemian-festival-proof-sunshine-summer-sacha-luz-jumpsuit-ootd-flower-print-ankleboots-lovelifelovefashion-4inner-bohemian-festival-proof-sunshine-summer-sacha-luz-jumpsuit-ootd-flower-print-ankleboots-lovelifelovefashion-5inner-bohemian-festival-proof-sunshine-summer-sacha-luz-jumpsuit-ootd-flower-print-ankleboots-lovelifelovefashion-1What will you be wearing for your next festival?

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