What a weekend indeed! Phew! Saturday was all about our apartment. We got up early to pick up some things in Ghent before our stop at a tile store. Lucky for us, we immediately found the perfect floor for our little balcony. #loveatfirstsight Because they’re ‘second choice’ tiles, the price was just as great.

But there wasn’t that much time for excitement. We immediately started working on some wall shizzle in our home-to-be. (Hello fleece wallpaper and painting part #121). Just in time to get things ready for my Dad to start on some floor work next weekend. Exhausting but at the same time we had fun doing it, especially because the end is near. A few more weeks and we hope to finally be able to move in. Besides, everything is easier to do when the sun is out and the music is loud. ;) And we had plenty of both last weekend.

Sunday was a completely different day. Together with a bunch of colleagues, we had to be present at the Goed Gevoel Ladies Fair in Ghent. For those who don’t know it: it’s basically a trade show for (mainly) women all over Flanders with a high ‘Feel Good’ factor. We had this big beautiful booth with at one side the skin care part, and at the other side healthy mineral makeup. I had so much fun informing people about vitamin A and what the benefits are, informing about skin conditions and which things to pay most attention to. While at the same time, showing people what a little high-quality makeup can do… those happy (sometimes even shocked) faces really made my entire day.

Conclusion: it was a super buzy and a supah dupah awesome weekend.

Maybe my new sweatshirt had something to do with it? Sometimes it only takes a little confident boost to keep you going.

What I’m wearing: I’m the Boss Yacqueline de Yong sweater, H&M necklace, Zara black denim, Converse sneakers All Stars.

Im-the-boss-outfit-casual-sweater-quote-grey-black-ootd-hm-jacqueline-de-young-converse-sneakers-lovelifelovefashion-2 Im-the-boss-outfit-casual-sweater-quote-grey-black-ootd-hm-jacqueline-de-young-converse-sneakers-lovelifelovefashion Im-the-boss-outfit-casual-sweater-quote-grey-black-ootd-hm-jacqueline-de-young-converse-sneakers-lovelifelovefashion-4 Im-the-boss-outfit-casual-sweater-quote-grey-black-ootd-hm-jacqueline-de-young-converse-sneakers-lovelifelovefashion-3

Sunday workplace

Working on a Sunday isn’t that bad if your workplace looks like this. ^^


How was your weekend? Busy? Chill? Extra sunny? Love to hear! Oh, and what do you think about this casual look?