Super excited over here ladies! Tuesday I’m leaving for London. 2 days off with the boyfriend … I’m so looking forward to that. Not that you need an excuse to visit London, but we decided to go because a South African friend of ours will play there with his band. Like that’s not exciting enough, we will also meet up with a friend of my boyfriend who now works at Facebook. That’s right, Facebook! #crazy — Someone says guided tour? Eeek!

Can’t help to feel excited and curious at the same time about that. I should better start planning a little and decide what to wear. So if you have tips, spots to see or hidden treasures: shoot! Because the agenda for day two is completely open for suggestions.

Now, about the look…

The photos were taken a few weeks ago and I seem to live in this duotone grayish knitted sweater ever since. Now that I think about it, I’ll probably take it with me to London. The ripped denim and oversized coat gives the look a little edgy side. Awesome how nowadays combining a knitted sweater with distressed denim works so well. I still remember the time I didn’t wanna wear anything knitted because it always felt like my granny made it.

What I’m wearing: C&A oversized coat, Primark knitted sweater, Zara blouse, H&M denim, All Stars Converse bordeaux sneakers, H&M rings, Six Geminine necklace.


What’s your favorite item of this look? And what about London, do you have any tips for me?! What’s your must see suggestion?