Those foggy grey mornings. Bah, not my most favorite way to start a day that’s for sure. Let alone a Saturday. But hey, if a grey morning is what we get, we’ll need to work with it. My solution? A little me-time! I’m currently on my way to try out a brand-new beauty/wellness place in Ghent called LUX which claims to be heaven on earth. True or false? I’ll discover soon enough. ^^

Either way, after my 1 hour of me-time, it’s time for even more me-time. #DontJudge #ISaidDont

Potato couch mode on and catching up on a few tv-shows. Aahh, sometimes we just need a lazy day. Especially after a hectic week where your emotions have been on a rollercoaster. ^^ Tomorrow will be a different story. Some work that needs to be done, cleaning and then I’ll have to dive into my closet and start packing for our trip to New York. Quite the challenge if you check out the weather reports. ^^

What I’m wearing: H&M hat, Mango long coat, Bershka knitted scarf, H&M black blouse, Only denim, Skechers Go-walk, Zara backpack, Labogato necklace.

foggy-blackness-ootd-knitted-scarf-bershka-black-and-white-hat-zara-backpack-gold-details-hm-only-ripped-black-denim-skechers-sneakers-print-labogato-LUX-beauty-wellness-lovelifelovefashion-1 foggy-blackness-ootd-knitted-scarf-bershka-black-and-white-hat-zara-backpack-gold-details-hm-only-ripped-black-denim-skechers-sneakers-print-labogato-LUX-beauty-wellness-lovelifelovefashion-2foggy-blackness-ootd-knitted-scarf-bershka-black-and-white-hat-zara-backpack-gold-details-hm-only-ripped-black-denim-skechers-sneakers-print-labogato-LUX-beauty-wellness-lovelifelovefashion-4 foggy-blackness-ootd-knitted-scarf-bershka-black-and-white-hat-zara-backpack-gold-details-hm-only-ripped-black-denim-skechers-sneakers-print-labogato-LUX-beauty-wellness-lovelifelovefashionWhat are your plans for today? If you’re also in need of some me-time, don’t forget to enter my latest giveaway where you can win a Neckermann travel voucher of €200. Perfect to book your next holiday or citytrip.