It has only been a few days since we got back from our power trip to Tunisia, and we got thrown right back into our daily lives. The same day of our arrival back in Belgium, we were already at work in our apartment. Don’t ask me how that happened because neither of us were planning on it (we blame my Dad ^^). To be honest: I rather taken a short catnap, because Tunisia was exhausting!! Super fun and beautiful, but exhausting. More about that soon, as I’m working through the pictures and videos in-between everything on the agenda. But I’m getting there. #StayTuned

Anyway, the outfit: let’s not forget to say a little about what I’m wearing. You already know (or now you do) that I’m a big sucker for denim. And while I’m not really a dress person, a denim version pulled me over to the dark side faster than young Skywalker. #GeekAlert Together with these fluffy loafers it’s really an outfit made for me. Pretty casual but with a little twist. I always love items which I know not everyone would wanna wear or even like… But c’mon, how adorable are these Sacha newbies? The fluffy pompons are a little crazy but for some reason, it just works. And because of the high platform (or at least higher than most shoes I have), I can cheat a little in height, while still being comfortable. In other words, I love them! Even though I know not everyone will. ^^

What I’m wearing: white blazer Miss Selfridge, denim dress Only, shoes Sacha, necklace Sense Jewels.

fluffy-denim-dress-sneakers-grey-sense-jewels-white-blazer-miss-selfridge-only-sacha_lovelifelovefashion_4bfluffy-denim-dress-sneakers-grey-sense-jewels-white-blazer-miss-selfridge-only-sacha_lovelifelovefashion_3bfluffy-denim-dress-sneakers-grey-sense-jewels-white-blazer-miss-selfridge-only-sacha_lovelifelovefashion_1bSo the million dollar question: what do you think of these shoes? Weird? Or do you love them as much as I do? ^^