Only 18 more sleeps until Christmas ladies! YAY! Yesterday the boyfriend and I did some Christmas shopping and the last thing we expected happened. After a long long search, we came across the perfect dinner set. We both had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, but we both wanted slightly something different. The set we found was the coming together of both our taste and affordable. The perfect combo! So we ended up buying ourselves a little Xmas present as well.

In-between all the excitement of the holiday spirits, seeing Santa (that’s right!) and buying gifts, we noticed that it was the first Saturday for a while that it wasn’t poring rain. No excuses this time to not photograph my shopping look. I hope you can appreciate this easy-going look. I definitely love it. Comfortable and it kept my warm.

What I’m wearing: Grey beanie, Vero Moda parka/coat & Expect tee, Only denim, personalized white Stan Smith’s Adidas, Luxedy 7bis necklace bird.
Stan-Smiths-white-sneakers-personalized-expect-shirt-vero-moda-coat-parka-fluffy-furry-ripped-distressed-jeans-denim-black-grey-tee-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-3bStan-Smiths-white-sneakers-personalized-expect-shirt-vero-moda-coat-parka-fluffy-furry-ripped-distressed-jeans-denim-black-grey-tee-ootd-lovelifelovefashion-2 Stan-Smiths-white-sneakers-personalized-expect-shirt-vero-moda-coat-parka-fluffy-furry-ripped-distressed-jeans-denim-black-grey-tee-ootd-lovelifelovefashionHow is your Christmas shopping going so far? Please tell me we’re not the only ones who ended up buying ourselves a little gift. ^^