Hiya pretty birds. I hope everyone is doing great? As promised, it’s time to reveal the result of my mini shopping spree during the Primark Ghent opening. Or at least a part of the result.Instead of just showing pics of the stuff that went home, I thought it might be more fun to combine a couple of them in an outfit.

Now, what did end up in those brand new Primark shopping bags. Like most women, shoes are hard to resist. So this pair of black cut out heels found their way to my closet, a pair of killer heels I might add. I didn’t notice them the first time walking through the shoe department, but I’m so happy I spotted them. Even though they’re not those everyday pair of shoes, they have so much potential to bring every casual look to the next level. Literally and figuratively speaking. I also came across this mint green blouse and decided it was time to give pastel shades a new chance. If it looks good with my skin tone? Well, I’ll let you decide on that!

What I’m wearing: Zara oversized white blazer, Primark mint green sleeveless shirt, Only black knee ripped jeans, Primark cut-out heels, H&M circled necklace, Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield watch, Chanel 2.55.

cut-outs-primark-heels-black-blouse-pastel-trend-mint-denim-ripped-white-blazer-zara-hm-chanel-2.55-black-leather-ootd-outfit-inspiration-ideas-lovelifelovefashion-2 cut-outs-primark-heels-black-blouse-pastel-trend-mint-denim-ripped-white-blazer-zara-hm-chanel-2.55-black-leather-ootd-outfit-inspiration-ideas-lovelifelovefashion-3cut-outs-primark-heels-black-blouse-pastel-trend-mint-denim-ripped-white-blazer-zara-hm-chanel-2.55-black-leather-ootd-outfit-inspiration-ideas-lovelifelovefashion-1 cut-outs-primark-heels-black-blouse-pastel-trend-mint-denim-ripped-white-blazer-zara-hm-chanel-2.55-black-leather-ootd-outfit-inspiration-ideas-lovelifelovefashionSeeing the amount of bags many people walked dragged out (#ZombieStyle), I think I did a pretty good job in controlling myself. I originally bought an extra pair of white heels with black striped details (you can spot them in the opening post) but I wasn’t sure about them once back home so I’ve returned them.

So, what do you think of the 2 items I bought? And what about the pastel shade?