Last weekend was the first in a very very long time that we did nothing for the apartment. No painting, no putting furniture together, no DIY’ing, no unboxing, n-o-t-h-i-n-g. Not because we’re done, nope… we just both really wanted a weekend of fun and relaxing.

So on the agenda: a little shopping with the boyfriend — which.has.been.ages! dinner in town with a friend, movie night, heading out for the flower market on Sunday morning, and visiting the new indoor fresh market CRU in Ghent. There is something to strolling down the streets of Ghent, while holding your bouquet of fresh flowers… An instant feel-good boost. And when you come home and give those flowers a place, the happiness continues every time you look at them. Only, I realised we haven’t unpacked any vases yet, so we went for a quick stop at my parents’ place. ^^ Our Sunday afternoon was spent in our kitchen, with one of our friends, baking fresh homemade pancakes and chatting the day away. While eating pancakes… duhh! ^^

Weekend well spent if you ask me!

What I’m wearing: Superdry parka, Minimum black suede shirt with fringes, H&M trousers, Michael Kors slip-ons, Lobogato necklace.
ootd_gent_black_casual_slipons-streetlook_fringes_army_green_black_Michael-Kors_denim_lobogato_lovelifelovefashion4ootd_gent_black_casual_slipons-streetlook_fringes_army_green_black_Michael-Kors_denim_lobogato_lovelifelovefashion2 copy ootd_gent_black_casual_slipons-streetlook_fringes_army_green_black_Michael-Kors_denim_lobogato_lovelifelovefashion1 copyootd_gent_black_casual_slipons-streetlook_fringes_army_green_black_Michael-Kors_denim_lobogato_lovelifelovefashion3 copyHow was your weekend? Any special plans for the next one?